design features



kølkøler design funktioner

E1 SERIES units place the zinc anodes and drain plugs on the end of the keel cooler reducing the hull projection.

A benefit to high-speed craft and fishermen where entanglement of nets and/or lines is a concern.


kølkøler design funktioner

HD SERIES stiffener plates can be added to units providing additional support to prevent tuber from bowing, bending or vibrationg from the impact of heavy seas. 

These plates do not have additional mounting points.

The DH Series is ideally suitet for applications where the vessel is operation in heavy pounding seas, strong currents or the keel cooler i psositioned near the bow of the vessel.


kølkøler design funktioner

Fernstrum is continuously developing its design.

The end piece with the hull bushing has now been made in a plate that provides greater strength and fewer joints.

Shown here is the socket intended for hull penetration for hose connection.


kølkøler design funktioner

L SERIES support plates are designed to minimize intermediate support bolt hull penetrations.

These support plates extend beyond the keel cooler side tubes, providing additional securing options. This feature especially useful in retrofitting a keel cooler to an existing vessel.

Single og multipass design

kølkøler design funktioner

Fernstrum distinguishes between “Single-pass” design and “Multipass” design.

In single-pass design, the coolant flows into one end, and out the other end of the cooler.

In multi-pass design, the coolant flows into the cooler, down to the end piece, and back to the other socket on the same end piece.  

This allows the radiator to be shorter and the connections to sit side by side.


kølkøler design funktioner

The flanges of the Z-SERIES define the hull penetrations so that the pipe connections can be welded in the hull with welded flanges.

The flanges are supplied with the cooler, and are made of normal carbon steel. It can also be delivered in stainless steel.

Mounting bolts and insulation for these are also supplied with the cooler. This design is especially suitable when there is no access to the mounting brackets from the ship's interior. 

This can be especially important in the case of double hull vessels. It also means that there is NO need Cofferdam installation inside the ship.  

The mounting brackets are standard on this design.