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Bottom Mounted Boxcooler

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WEKA Boxcoolers have been successfully applied in bottom mount applications, such as repower projects or when additional equipment requires cooling. 

In most cases, a boxcooler is installed in a top down fashion by lowering the unit into the mounting frame and welding the unit to the top of the sea chest. In a bottom mount application, a special top sea chest plate is pre-manufactured and secured to the unit’s mounting frame.

The entire assembly is lifted from the bottom of the vessel through a hole cut in the hull and sea chest. 

The boxcooler is then fitted into the top of the sea chest and welded into place.

Single or Multiple Heat Sources

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A boxcooler can be designed to support single or multiple heat sources on one unit.

One Circuit—Single Heat Source

Multiple Circuits—More Than One Heat Source

Stepped Boxcooler

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A WEKA Boxcooler can be engineered to accommodate tight spaces by stepping the unit.

WEKA Protector Type T and WEKA Guard

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Exclusive to WEKA Boxcoolers are the WEKA Protector™ Type T and WEKA Guard™. 

This equipment helps to minimize potential damage to the units and hull from stray electrical currents and galvanic corrosion. The WEKA Protector Type T also allows the copper-nickel to maintain its anti-fouling capabilities, protecting the tubes from marine growth.


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Our boxcoolers are constructed to be completely isolated from the hull during installation and in operation. 

Isolation from the ship’s hull combined with the WEKA Protector™ Type T allows the copper-nickel to maintain its anti-fouling capability.

90/10 Copper-Nickel

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WEKA Boxcoolers® are constructed using uncoated 90/10 copper-nickel tubing. 

This alloy does not require a protective coating or ICAF (Impressed Current Anti-Fouling) system due to its inherent corrosion resistance to seawater and natural anti-fouling capabilities. 

To protect the uncoated boxcoolers against potential stray current corrosion, a WEKA Guard™ and WEKA Protector™ Type T system is applied. 

This exclusive design is successfully utilized in hundreds of vessels in fresh and saltwater applications worldwide.