How a Boccooler works

boxkøler teknologi
The position of inlet grooves and outlet grooves directs the natural seawater flow through the seawater box across the cooling pipes.
The heat source, cooling water is circulated through the boxcoolers parallel cooling pipes, which are located in the seawater chest. The heat is transferred from the box cooler pipes to seawater, which causes the seawater to move upwards, This causes a natural water flow to increase, due to its lower density, creating a natural upward circulation. Openings at the bottom and above the side of the seawater box, help direct the natural water flow of seawater through the seawater box across the box cooler pipes. Additional cooling efficiency is realized through forced circulation induced as the vessel moves in the water. FORDELE:
  • Eliminates raw water pumps and filters
  • Almost maintenance free
  • Cools engines up to 10,000 kW
  • Protection in the hull